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8 Small Kitchen Ideas

Small kitchens can be a challenge and improper planning can be expensive. That is why we put together these eight kitchen ideas for you to start planning the right way!

1 )To make the area appear visually larger, use light or white cabinetry. But too much white can be a bit sterile. So, adding some artwork, colorful accessories, or a contrasting color for the backsplash or countertop. Open shelving or glass front cabinet doors helps keep the kitchen light and airy.

2) Reflective surfaces can make the space appear larger as well. If you use dark cabinetry, choose soft hues or white on the walls.

3) Eliminate clutter, down to the bare bones necessities and keep only what you use every day. A small kitchen equipped only with what you need is going to be a very efficient kitchen. Crowded counters make the space appear smaller. Storage should be maximized , so you don’t have to keep too much on the countertops. Appliance garages work well to keep things hidden.

4) Use the vertical space. Squeeze in a wall spice rack instead of a filler.

5) Maximize natural light where possible and add adequate lighting. Pendant lights over an island along with under cabinet lighting will add style and ambiance. See our planning resources page for sources.

6) Don’t be afraid to share a small gallery kitchen into an adjacent room.

If you have room, recess the cabinetry or shelving into the walls.

7) Add drawers in unexpected places like sitting areas or toe kicks.

8) Add specialized cabinet inserts like drawer dividers and pullout corner storage to maximize unusable space.

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