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Cabinet Interiors- More than skin deep!

It is so easy to focus on asthetically pleasing cabinet doors and forget about the functinailty of the interior cabinets.

The shelving needs to be straight, not sagging, and the hinges need to be strong and attached firmly. External hardware like knobs and pulls can easily be replaced with the changing trends. It’s always best to invest in sturdy, quality hardware for hinges and drawer slides. Those significantly determine the function of your kitchen, and are very difficult to replace in the future.

The most important part of your cabinets is the cabinet box. The box is the bare bones of the cabinet; it is unseen, but it holds everything else up. It needs to be made of wood, particle board starts to deteroriate within 8 years (faster with water damage or moisture) and the hardware loosens and cannot be repaired.

Drawers are proving to be more convenient than shelves, which is why pull-out shelves are becoming a kitchen staple. Drawers are the easiest way to access and hide your stored materials. When looking at wooden drawers, look for dovetail joints.

There are more than drawers and shelves in today’s kitchen cabinets. Space optimizers covers a range of storage devices that make the most out of your space. Consider what your needs are and pick the right acessories for your daily kitchen tasks.

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