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Designer & Artisan Slab Layouts

There is more to beautiful stone counters than meets the eye. Here at Elite Marble and Granite we offer specialized layouts for the design concious client. It takes more than a beautiful slab, quite literally, to achieve the straight out of a home magazine look.

So what does it take?

1. A keen eye for vein placement and directions

2. Years of experience - over 12 years experience in the stone industry

3. Personal Attention - throughout the whole project from the intial home consultation to hand picking the slabs, to production and installallation.

We have honed down our expertise with the designer layout for homeowners and artisan layouts for our clients who are interior designers.

Whether its full slab backsplashes, kitchen countertops, or full slab wall applications for bathrooms or fireplaces, we have the design "know how" to work with, both, professionals in the industry and homeowners to achieve the "look."

These layouts are what make the difference between the run of the mill cookie cutter countertops, which have their place, and a true exposition of the beauty that mother nature has to offer.

And here's before and after pictures of one of our recent projects to prove it:

The original kitchen with honed granite countertop. Notice how cold and cramped the granite makes this kitchen feel. The beadboard did not help to add anything to the space and the 4" granite backsplash stunted the height of the wallspace.

Now notice below how the right material, Imperial Danby Marble, both in tone and feel adds warmth that this kitchen needed. While cohesivey drawing in an airy, cozy, elegant and timeless farmhouse feel this homeowner was looking for. The artisan handcrafted Imperial Danby Marble added a seamless contemporary look while still in keeping with the rustic theme throughout the rest of the home.

The picture above showcases the full backsplash also Imperial Danby. The upward placement of the veining added a significant amount of height to the space. We successfully achieved the open shelf look without losing storage, not an easy feat we might add.

Pictures speak a thousand words but not even these beautiful pictures taken by the homeowner gives this space justice. Every square inch of this space was thought out in order to achieve a flawless, effortless designer look.

Please call us today to schedule a home-consultation (203) 502-2040. Our staff will be more than happy to help you transform your space or your clients space with our Designer and Artisan Slab Layouts.

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