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Custom Stone Slab Sinks

Today we thought we would briefly talk about our custom granite and marble sinks.

These unique and handcrafted sinks add such an important design element to kitchen design. It adds a "wow" factor that cannot be achieved in anyother way. The applications of these sinks are versatile from kitchen sinks, bar sinks to bathroom sinks.

We take special care, especially if you decide to go with our deisgner slab layout option, which I'll speak more about in a future blog, to make what we call an artisan style sink. So you ask what I mean by that? An artisan style showcases the craftsmanship of these hand constructed sink. The direction and placement of the veins adds the character to any style kitchen whether its contemporary, modern, traditonal, farmstyle etc.

We make sure to check our handcrafted sinks for leaks and sealed properly for daily use. Please call us today to add a custom sink to your new kitchen reno (203) 502-2040.


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