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Quartz Countertop: Marble Look-Alike

Carrara look-alike installed in Greenwich, Connecticut

Quartz marble look-alikes are becoming more realistic. These slabs have more of a natural variation.These countertops add an organic look with the durability of engineered stone. They can easily be used for contemporary or traditional styles. In the last couple months at Luxus Stone, our customers have been raving about the beauty of these slabs.

Here are some examples:

Calacatta Grey Quartz

Carrara Grigio Quartz

Making your backsplash design options are almost endless! Glass, porcelain or natural tile match beautifully with the overall look and feel of these counters.

Marble counters give a timeless look that will never go out of vogue. Marrying this classic, with engineered stone properties makes it an excellent option for any kitchen makeover.

Call us today and let us assist you in finding marble look-alikes for your next project! (203) 502.2040


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