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5 Great Things About Soapstone

Going for that vintage look? Read on about 5 other important facts about soapstone.

ONE: Marble Look-alike

Soapstone has beautiful veining, which can be enhanced with mineral oil or wax. It coordinates wonderfully with white marble kitchen countertop surrounds or backsplash.

TWO: Heat Resistant

Hot pot and pans will not scorch the surface. Soapstone is stunning in the kitchen, but is also readily used as fireplace surrounds, hearths and inside pizza ovens.

THREE: No Sealer

Soapstone is non-porous. The mineral oil or stone wax applications are only for asthetics purpose to achieve an even patina (darkening of the stone). A soapstone with patina can also be stripped back to its natural gray color with acetone.

FOUR: Laboratory Counters

This stone resists chemicals and acids having been used as laboratory counters. So, common household ingredients like lemon juice, tomatoes, wine and vinegar will not etch the surface of soapstone.

FIVE: Feels so soft

Soapstone feels like soap without the residue and suds. People just love the way it feels to the touch, warm and smooth.

Call (203) 502-2040 to find out where you can find your perfect soapstone slabs!

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