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Danby Marble- Made in America

From the mountains of Vermount, Danby is an excellent choice for kitchen countertops. It is durable and dense, with a low absorbption rate comparable to some granite. Etch marks can be removed with Comet and is difficult to stain once its sealed.

There is a warmth and old world charm about Danby marble. It also graces the facade of the U.S Senate building.

It makes for an excellent alternative to Carrara marble and comes in nine variations. The most popular being Imperial Danby, Olympian White Danby, Calacatta Danby and Royal Danby.

Imperial Danby- has an even mixture of gold and light gray veining.

Olympian White- has a very white background and very light gray veins. It resembles Bianco Carrara the most.

Calacatta Danby- has strong thick gold veins and resembles its Italian name sake.

Royal Danby- has very dark muted grey veins and resembles Statuary marble.

It's a favorite amongst many of our clients. Each slab is truly unique. For example here are two slabs of Imperial Danby.

Both are beautiful slabs and yet, very distinct.

Add a little American history if you love how these slabs look.

Please don't hesitate to call us at 203.502.2040, we'll help you to pick the perfect slabs for your next project! Have a Happy 4th of July!

#AmericanPride #DanbyMarble

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